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Dave Bautista Not Happy That Disney Didn’t Rehire James Gunn


What’s it mean that James Gunn wasn’t rehired? How does Dave Bautista feel about all this?

It’s been a very turbulent month for fans of both James Gunn and Guardians of the Galaxy. For the famed director had tweets from ten years ago dredged up, and they showed him in a very dark light. And because of this attack, Disney fired him, and that started a storm of tweets from fans who couldn’t believe the House of Mouse would fire him for something he said long before he filmed their movies.

This only got amplified when the ENTIRE Guardians of the Galaxy cast came together to show their support for their director and asked for him to get rehired. Though rumors claimed he might be rehired, a report says that he will not, and Dave Bautista, the actor behind Drax, is not happy:

For those who can’t tell, he’s being sarcastic, and using the slogan of President Trump (who has been called racist among many other things) to show who Disney is acting like.

Though things could technically still change, but at present, it doesn’t look like James Gunn will be back to finish the trilogy he set out to make.

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