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Darwin Project Arrives For PS4 This Month


Do you like the cold? Do you like snow? Do you like fighting to the death in the cold and snow? Then have we got the game for you – “Darwin Project” – coming to PlayStation 4 this month after having been released two years ago.


The premise in this multi-player battle royale is that you and nine other “inmates” have been plopped down in the Canadian Rockies and survive the elements as well as eliminate all your opponents and, ultimately, please the Show Director and a voting crowd. For doing all this, what do you receive – millions of dollars? a cabana in the Caribbean? the guarantee of world peace in your lifetime? Nope, none of these things – just survival, the appeasement of the Show Director and the adulation of an adoring crowd – sorta like gladiators back in the day.


Every inmate/player is spawned into the “Arena” [which is based in the snowy climate but contains several zones – such as Tree Houses – within that environment] and begins life with an axe, a bow and some arrows plus a couple of traps, some snowballs, hooks and trip wires. From there, they must fend for themselves amongst the wintry elements, upgrade their weaponry and use all their wile and wits to eventually eliminate the other inmate/players and win the game.


Some assistance is provided via powers – granted by the Show Director – to help you achieve your goals. Some of these powers are designed to help your fighting or fleeing or enhance your clothing or weaponry.