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Daria Spinoff “Jodie” Is Now A Movie, Still No Closer To Release


In a time when IP is king, Paramount wants to revitalize every animated property that managed to become a hit within the last 30 years. Beavis and Butt-Head are already confirmed to be returning in a new movie that sees them time-warping into the present. But when it comes to B&B’s former neighbor, Daria Morgendorffer, things get…weird.

Paramount said back in 2018 they were planning to revive Daria, but that it would be called “Daria and Jodie” and half the series would be about Jodie Landon, a character who only rarely had any significant role in any episode. There was then silence for about two years, until the studio said in 2020 they were still making a Daria spinoff but that Daria was no longer part of it. It would now just be called “Jodie” and Ms. Landon would be handed the entire thing. They’ve never explained why.

This “Jodie” project never dies, it just keeps getting re-announced with slightly revised details. Every year a press release about it pops up, with one or two things different than the year before. The last time we heard from it, MTV had dropped the show and it was being produced by Comedy Central instead. But that was a while ago and now that it’s 2022, the NEW “Jodie” news is that it’s a movie now, not a show. OK.

I don’t think Comedy Central is going to get it either, the way cable is going down the tubes — this is definitely a Paramount+ project now, assuming IT EVER GETS MADE.

Tracee Ellis Ross of black-ish has been helming this project since its 2020 incarnation, holding the title of executive producer, and new voice of Jodie herself. Other voice actors confirmed to be involved are Pamela Adlon (“Better Things,” “King of the Hill”), Cole Escola (“Ziwe,” “Tuca & Bertie”), Jojo T. Gibbs (“Twenties,” “Good Trouble”), William Jackson Harper (“The Good Place,” “Love Life”), Zosia Mamet (“The Flight Attendant,” “Girls”), Alex Moffat (“SNL,” “Ralph Breaks the Internet”), Dermot Mulroney (“Hanna,” “Shameless”), Arden Myrin (“Insatiable,” “Shameless”), Kal Penn (“House,” “Designated Survivor”), Kofi Siriboe (“Queen Sugar, “Awkward”), Dulcé Sloan (“The Great North,” “The Daily Show”), and Heléne Yorke (“The Other Two,” “Masters of Sex”).

The film will also have an almost completely new cast of characters — the only confirmed Lawndalian to be returning is Brittany, the squeaky-voiced cheerleader with Sailor Moon hair. Why just her? Why no Daria? Why does this keep appearing and disappearing with no indication of a planned release date? Is this whole thing a front for criminal activity?

If I were Daria I would have a perfectly snarky response to all this. I wonder where she is right now.