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Daredevil Fans Fight For Return After Snyder Cut Announcement


As noted previously, fans across the world have gotten a major victory in the form of the #ReleaseTheSnyderCut film getting approval to arrive on HBO Max in 2021. This marked a campaign over 2 years in the making getting fruition much to the relief of fans. But with its confirmation comes the return of another fan-desired return. Fans are once again asking for the return…of Daredevil.

For those who don’t know, Daredevil was the first of the six Netflix/Marvel collaborations that started back in 2015. The start of the Defenders universe if you will. When the show arrived, it blew everyone’s minds with its deep storytelling, engaging characters, and of course, it’s amazing fight choreography. All of which are still praised to this day, especially after its second and third seasons.

But then, the show was canceled, alongside Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Defenders and Punisher. While some could make the case for shows like Iron Fist to get canceled, Daredevil was without a doubt the most praised, the most-watched, and the most adored. As such, not unlike the Snyder Cut, fans have been asking for its return via Disney+ almost since it was canceled. And with the Snyder Cut victory, fans are using that as motivation to push even harder to get it done:

The “if they can do it” line is a reference to how Marvel and DC Comics are on “opposite sides”, and thus if DC/WB will approve such a fan movement and give them what they want, why not Marvel/Disney?

Another fan put it in this way on Twitter:

They aren’t wrong. Fans voices have been carrying a lot of weight recently, and despite what people say about this, it has been for the better. The Clone Wars ending was universally praised, Sonic The Hedgehog’s redo made it the highest-grossing video game movie ever, and who knows what the Snyder Cut will do for HBO Max and Warner Bros as a whole.

And given the current state of Disney+ with everything being delayed due to the pandemic, having something like Daredevil returning with its cast and such would be a huge boost to morale for fans.