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Dan Lin In Talks To Become Head Of DC Films

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To suggest Warner Bros CEO David Zaslav doesn’t know what he’s doing is an understatement, but at least with DC he’s willing to pass control to someone else. That someone else, however, would have the lofty and probably impossible goal of turning DC into an entity as powerful as Marvel is now.

Who would take THAT kind of pressure? THR reports that the most likely candidate at the moment is Dan Lin, a former executive turned producer whose company, Rideback, has been involved in a lot of things for many studios. He had a part in producing The Lego Movie and the two It films for WB, as well as those Robert Downey Jr Sherlock Holmes movies.

Lin’s resume is both good and bad. In most of these cases Lin had nothing to do with the content — the writer and director were the reason why the movies were what they were. But assuming Lin gets the all-powerful DC gig, suddenly the fact that he had anything to do with that live-action Aladdin movie is going to stand out. Rideback is also producing that live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender show for Netflix — this will be the true test of his reputation.

Thing is, Marvel Studios has been doing this for a long time, while DC has been tripping on its own feet repeatedly. The market share is heavily tilted toward Marvel, and you can witness evidence of this by heading to the toy aisle of your favorite store and observing the number of Marvel merch in proportion to DC’s heroes. It’s not even close.

DC’s cast of characters has the potential, it just hasn’t been met. Example: from a comic book nerd’s standpoint, I would regard Darkseid a bolder and more imposing character than Thanos. But Thanos got to the big screen first and made a much larger mainstream impression, so a lot of people are going to see Darkseid as a Thanos knockoff whenever he shows up, instead of the other way around.

For millions, probably billions, when they think of superheroes, Marvel occupies that place in their brains and their hearts. Because of this anything else will be met with resistance, especially if it’s presented in the exact same way. Ripoffs almost never do as well as the original. In short: if Lin gets this, he has an uphill climb ahead. Vertical mountain face, more like it. Hope he brings his pickaxe.