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Dan Harmon’s Animated Fox Project Revealed

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Way back in June, it was announced that Dan Harmon (Community, 1/2 of Rick & Morty) had signed a deal with the Fox network to produce some Harmonious Claptrap exclusively for them. Today we found out exactly what he’s been cooking back there…

Harmon’s next series, yet to be titled, takes place in ancient Greece and stars a “flawed family of humans, gods and monsters” who are attempting to run one of the world’s first cities. Expect a lot of Dan-brand satire, profanity and creative insanity.

“Leave it to Dan Harmon to turn the mythos of early Greek civilization into remarkably sharp commentary on today’s politics, celebrity, and pop culture,” says Michael Thorn, president of entertainment at Fox. “This project is an incredibly irreverent family comedy as told by one of the town’s most inventive storytellers. We are proud to be partnered with Dan on this series, which strengthens our hold on the animation space.”

Fox has been aggressive lately with its Animation Domination block, adding more new shows to the night than they have in years. They seem to have learned from their embarrassing 2010s (Allen Gregory, ick) and are crafting a more solid, less embarrassing lineup of newbies — Bless The Harts, Duncanville and The Great North have all been great so far. Fox is also developing Housebroken for next season, starring the voices of Lisa Kudrow, Clea DuVall and Will Forte.

Here’s where it gets interesting…though all those shows have debuted on Fox, this new Harmon series will be the first Animation Domination show that Fox owns outright. The more recent shows have been collaborations between Fox and other studios, and of course Disney now owns The Simpsons. The untitled Greek comedy will be entirely Fox’s creation, divorced from 20th Century Television (which Disney also owns). Animation will be handled by Bento Box (which Fox owns).

The voice casting process is now underway and hasn’t been finalized yet. A release date for the new cartoon was not announced either, but Harmon’s deal with Fox was to produce something in time for Spring 2022, so we might be seeing it then.