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D23 2009: “Toy Story 3” Presentation Headlines the D23 Convention


A final Toy Story mega-event headlined the end of the D23 convention, assuring that the first ever D23 conference would end on a high note. The proceedings started at the D23 Arena situated next to the Anaheim Convention Center with the same trailer for the Toy Story/Toy Story 2 3D double-feature that John Lasseter debuted earlier in the day.

Afterwards, Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich and producer Darla K. Anderson took the stage for the main portion of the presentation. Unkrich and Anderson talked about the process of making Toy Story 3 and going to an old retreat in order to find the story for the movie. Unkrich noted how Woody made peace with the idea of Andy growing up and putting away his toys at the end of Toy Story 3, but it’s one thing to make peace with an idea years before you actually experience it, which is the center of the Toy Story 3 storyline.

The “Groovin’ With Ken” segment was also shown yet again . . . twice in the same day.   Also shown again was the new Toy Story 3 trailer with Buzz Lightyear back to his old tricks but this time in Español!  Following the end of the trailer, Unkrich and Anderson talked about Buzz now speaking Spanish and showed an early animation test featuring Buzz and his new Latin persona. In the clip, Buzz serenades Jessie with a Latin dance to some music while Jessie watches on stunned. Jesse then drags Buzz off the screen which got a good laugh.

Following the end of the clip, Anderson and Unkrich played a trick, pretending that they showed all that they could and feigned that they were leaving. The chants of the crowd convinced them to show a clip never before seen by any audience outside of Pixar. Anderson and Unkrich also explained that the clip was still a work in progress and might look “broken” in some parts since the movie is still not yet finished.

The scene was a never-before seen sequence featuring the toys now situated in a box in the now young adult Andy’s room. Andy is going off to college, and Andy’s mom wants him to start packing and donate his old toys to charity.  Andy is not interested in giving away his toys, which are so old that no other kids will want them. Andy’s mom sets aside a box for Andy’s college things, a trash bag, and a bag for old toys to put in the attic. Andy’s mom also wants Molly (Andy’s little sister), to start making a box for cleanup duty.  The toys are watching on with baited breath and see Molly chucking her Barbie doll in the box. Hamm notes that he has dibs on Barbie’s corvette, which got a good laugh.  Andy then starts dumping the mainstay toys in a charity bag and he comes to Woody and Buzz holding them hand in hand.  In the big crucial moment, Andy places Woody in his college box and Buzz in the charity bag. This got a big reaction from the crowd.

Andy starts bringing the old toy bag toward the attic and lowers the steps down but notices Molly having trouble with her box. Andy offers to help and leaves the bag with the Toy Story toys aside.  Unfortunately the attic steps retract and Andy’s mom finds the bag thinking it’s the trash. Woody then watches helplessly as his friends are plopped next to the trash bag with the garbage truck on its way. Woody calls for Buster (the family’s dachsund from the second movie) for help and Buster lumbers in the room. Poor Buster is now an old and rather slow dog, time having caught up with him. Woody tries to ride Buster as his steed to the rescue, but Buster instead rolls over onto Woody and takes a nap. Woody struggles out, jumps on to Andy’s desk, grabs some scissors, and jumps down the drain pipe, falling into the bushes. 

In the meantime the toys are struggling in the garbage bag trying to break free using the point of Rex’s tail. The garbage truck is on it’s way though and makes a stop next to the trash bags. Woody cuts the bags open, but they are only filled with garbage and not his friends. The bag with the Toy Story toys is seemingly loaded into the back of the garbage truck and compressed as Woody watches in horror just as the clip ends.

Anderson and Unkrich joked that now that they’ve seen that fans liked the clip, they will finish working on the movie. Toy Story 3 is set for a June 18, 2010 release.

The Toy Story 3 presentation was followed by a new introduction of the Toy Story toys for the double-feature 3D event and both Toy Story and Toy Story 2 in 3D as well.

The Toy Story 3 clips looked fantastic, and Pixar again seems to have come up with a strong story that has a heavy, touching, and emotional core.

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