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Cynthia Voice Actress Comments On Pokemon Journeys Return

Pokemon Journeys, Netflix

If you were to try and sum up what Pokemon Journeys and Pokemon Master Journeys are trying to do with their episodes, it’d be quite simply exploration and reunions. Because on one hand, the premise is different from basically all the other focused animes as the show isn’t rooted in one region the whole time. It allows Ash and Goh to explore all the regions through the guise of different research needs. As for reunions, the show has already done a lot of reuniting with Ash and his past friends and rivals.

For example, just in the original Pokemon Journeys episodes, we got to see Korrina, the successor to Lt. Surge, the entirely Alola crew, and more. As Pokemon Master Journeys came forth, we’re meeting even more of Ash’s past friends, and one that is coming soon is that of the Sinnoh champion, Cynthia. A fan-favorite character who has appeared hear and there after her region’s journey ended. And for the voice actress behind her, she’s very excited to be back:

Roughly translated, her message says:

“I guess it’s been about nine years since [Cynthia’s] appeared in the [Pokemon] animated series. The idea of me getting to come back and play her again after all these years had never even crossed my mind and so when I found out I’d be coming back I couldn’t help but let out a thrilled, yet dignified “Alright!” I’m excited to be reunited with [Ash] and Pikachu after so long, both as [Cynthia] and as Tomo Sakurai, and so I tried to make sure to apply those feelings to their reunion scene.”

Other characters people can expect to see when dubbed here in the US is Iris, Dawn, Gary Oak, and possibly a lot more! So stay tuned to see who else pops up and joins the fun.