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Cyberpunk 2077 Using New Technology To Fix Witcher 3 Problem

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There’s been a LOT of work going into Cyberpunk 2077. The team at CD Projekt Red are truly aiming to not just give a memorable experience, but one that takes the best things from Witcher 3, and puts them in a new realm via Cyberpunk. But, the team has also been working on making sure certain flaws from Witcher 3 are corrected in this game as well. For example, the last true Witcher title had a problem with…lip-syncing.

Granted, this may not seem like a big issue, but in fact, it was very noticeable to gamers and they wondered if this would be fixed in Cyberpunk 2077. Turns out, it will be. ComicBook.com reveals that they heard from CD Project Red and they said that the lip-syncing will not just be perfect for all characters in the game, it’ll be good for all LANGUAGES in the game, of which there are ten that you can the title be translated too.

How is that possible? Apparently there is a new piece of technology that the CD Projekt Red team found that made it so that it could better sync up the words to the lips of the characters no matter who they were or what language they were saying.

Of course, CD Projekt Red has admitted that not EVERYTHING they did in The Witcher 3 will be brought into their new game, as they noted previously that the main storyline is shorter due to the fact that a lot of players didn’t finish The Witcher 3’s story. There is also the setting of Night City which is more enclosed versus the wide-open travel that you did in The Witcher 3.

Still, while the game may not mirror each other, the true intent does. The team wants to deliver a truly epic game, and we’ll find out how well they did when the game releases on November 19th.