Home News CWL Dallas Ends In A Team Kaliber Victory

CWL Dallas Ends In A Team Kaliber Victory

Team Kaliber CWL Dallas

What was the results of the CWL Dallas Tournament? Who came out on top?

The first esports tournament for Call of Duty: WWII has officially come and gone, but by the time Sunday night ended, the winner was revealed in the form of Team Kaliber. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, the team entered the tournament with high expectations, as well as a bit of redemption to get. But no one expected the sheer dominance they had in a majority of their matches, including taking out some high quality teams like FaZe.

Yet, when the Grand Finals came in, it was just them versus top-ranked team Splyce. The two did battle in grand fashion, but Team Kaliber would not be denied, and they got the title, the prize money, the points for future tournaments, and of course, the glory.

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