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The CW Announces Archie Series “Riverdale”


The CW announced this afternoon it has picked up “Riverdale” to series, which was a pilot centered around everyteen Archie Andrews and his universe thereof. Based on the teenage humor comic that’s been around supermarket checkout racks since the 40’s, the cast of this new interpretation includes KJ Apa as Archie, Lili Reinhart as Betty, Camila Mendes as Veronica, and Cole Sprouse (yes, that one) as Forsythe P. Jones aka Jughead. Plus we get Josie! (Ashleigh Murray). No sign of Sabrina….yet.

If you’re holding back a laugh right now, you obviously haven’t seen the rebooted Archie series put out lately by the company itself. If this show adapts the new comic’s realism, drama and wit, it could work very well.

The CW has also ordered to series No Tomorrow, a remake of a Brazilian show, and Frequency, based on the movie about a woman who uses a (magic?) ham radio to communicate with her dead father twenty years into the past. “Riverdale” was creating the most buzz among CW’s pilot pile and was expected to be greenlit. Also, it’s a Greg Berlanti production, which will give that guy SEVEN shows to juggle if NBC renews Mysteries of Laura again.


  1. "Realism, drama, and wit", huh?

    I can't speak for anyone else, but in my opinion, if it goes in the direction I think you're alluding to, it won't really "work" in the long run. Archie has always been a family franchise, and personally, the last thing I want to see, original comics or not, is for this classic franchise to be turned into another generic "teen soap opera" that focuses more on the characters' personal problems/demons, and basically gives a weekly sermon about how supposedly "unfair" life is, and how our way of thinking is supposedly "wrong" because it's either not the supposedly "popular" way of thinking, or because it's not how the world supposedly "works". Besides which, people have already seen Gossip Girl, not to mention the newer "90210" series. People want Archie, not any of those shows. Just saying.