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Currently, Marvel’s Infinity War Movie Has 67 Characters In It

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Joe and Anthony Russo are the directors of Avengers: Infinity War, the gigantic two-part culmination of every little plot thread Marvel has been building toward in its past ten years of movies. It will be based on The Infinity Gauntlet, a cosmic-in-scope comic from the early 90’s where alien despot Thanos used the titular glove powered by the Infinity Gems (or Infinity Stones as they’re called on screen) to become godlike and unstoppable. The comic had just about every Marvel superhero to date chipping into the battle to stop Thanos. How many will we get when The Infinity Gauntlet is finally adapted in movie form?

According to Joe and Anthony, they have a note-filled board in the brainstorming room that has, at the current time, 67 characters on it. They admitted this to a crowd at Wizard World New Orleans last weekend, as reported by Comic Book Movie.

I think some editing to that board might be in order. While they just might be able to fit 67 heroes into Infinity War, it would be awfully confusing — and the odds of getting the global filmgoing audience to CARE about that many characters at once would be harder still.

The first Infinity War movie is scheduled to hit theaters in two and a half years, on May 4, 2018. In the meantime, gotta introduce more guys!

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