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Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course Will Finally Be Served Next Summer


Cuphead stuff sure takes a long time to make. I remember doing write-ups on the original game for several years before it came out. Every E3 it would make an appearance, no closer to release than before. I could tell it was going to be amazing, so I kept at it. The game was finally released in 2017 and proved my expectations correct.

One year after that, Studio MDHR announced there would be DLC content for the game under the title “The Delicious Last Course.” Extraneous downloadable content usually takes a year at most from announcement to release, but this is Cuphead. As of last night, with the release of the below trailer, a release date of June 30, 2022 has finally been nailed down…but by that time it will have been four entire years since its initial announcement.

The Delicious Last Course sees Cuphead, Mugman and the brand-new character Miss Chalice taking a journey to DLC Island, where they’ll be facing off against such varied enemies as a horse named Sheriff Winchester, a floating guy who wields a giant whale as a club, and a giant old man with a beard that commands geese. You can get cookies from a character named Chef Saltbaker that will provide temporary power-ups when consumed.

As for how many man-hours work went into this thing, Studio MDHR says there are actually more frames of animation in a stage of one boss fight than there were in entire fights from the original game. “Everyone really honed their craft during the course of development,” says Maja Moldenhauer, COO at Studio MDHR. “We’re so proud of our talented team, and the meticulous care they put into every element of this expansion.”

The Delicious Last Course will be available on all systems that Cuphead has been released on. There is also The Cuphead Show, an animated Netflix series, to look forward to…but in typical Cuphead fashion, it’s taking a long time. The series was originally announced in 2019 but will not show up until sometime in 2022.