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Cuphead Is Heading To The PS4


Within the gaming industry, there is no doubt that there titles that are special, unique, and so original that people can’t help but play them. Titles like Katamari Damacy, Journey, and in more recent times, Cuphead. This was a title by Studio MDHR, and more specifically from the two heads of that studio who literally risked everything that they owned, including their houses, to try and make this game like they wanted to, and it worked, as the game has been infinitely successful.

The point to where it was once an Xbox Exclusive, but then came to PC, Nintendo Switch, and in a new leak, it’s been confirmed to be coming to the PlayStation 4. Meaning that gamers across all modern consoles now will be able to get it, and play it, and enjoy the very unique title that has been crafted.

What makes Cuphead so special is that it’s designed after the legendary cartoons of the early 1900’s. Very much in the type of feel that Steamboat Willie was once upon a time. But in a twist, despite the classic visuals, it’s a game that is brutally difficult, and a title that many have struggled to beat in the good way because you need to be quick on the reaction and timing in order to win.

The game and its characters have transcended the title they were born into, as a cartoon based on the game is in the works, and skins for the two main characters have come to Super Smash Bros Ultimate for the Mii Fighters.

And of course, the game has sold millions of copies, making it a success in every way that matters. Plus, given the 100+ playerbase of the PS4, it’s very possible that another million copies of the game will be sold. Only time will tell.