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Cuphead Is Coming To Switch!


Who could have predicted this? Despite being fully owned by the Microsoft corporation, Studio MDHR’s excellent Cuphead will soon be released on Nintendo Switch! The announcement was made today by the studio during Nintendo’s Indie’s Showcase video. The trailer revealing this is…sure interesting.

Studio MDHR also announced some minor improvements would be added to all versions of Cuphead in the near future, as a manner of preparing the game for the Delicious Last Course DLC (which was announced last year and still has yet to get a release date).

The biggest change in the works: beginning April 18, Mugman will be controllable in single-player mode. You will be able to switch between Cuphead and Mugman at any time during the game (from the main menu) and Mugman will have his own individual level complete jingle.

Some new animations are also coming: the cinema cutscenes will now be fully animated, Cuphead and Mugman will sport multiple fight intros, new background details, explosions and special effects will be added, and additional special effects will be applied to the Legendary Chalice’s granting of Super Arts. The game will also be localized into French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Japanese, Korean, and Simplified Chinese.

You won’t have to pay for any of these upgrades; they will simply appear with a new update on April 18, the same day the Nintendo Switch version of Cuphead will be available. 23 Skidoo!


  1. Yeah, well Microsoft can just forget it.

    …unless they were to discontinue their Xbox division completely (meaning no more consoles, ever) AND we were able to play it even if we aren’t connected to the internet (or maybe that’s the case already? Either way…)


    Oh yeah, not counting Minecraft, this is Microsoft’s first third party release…


    Oh, and for anyone wondering, I got the "hi-dee ho" reference from TV Tropes. I haven’t played the game, nor do I intend to (unless what I just mentioned were to happen).

    *Well, that I’m aware of, anyway.

  2. I wonder how far Nintendo and Microsoft will take their newfound relationship. I don’t see them getting Halo. But something like Rare Replay might be in the cards, since half those games have histories with Nintendo and it wouldn’t be the first time Microsoft collaborated with them on Rare stuff (Jetpac in the Donkey Kong 64 rerelease).
  3. Okay, so I looked up Microsoft on the Nintendo Switch eshop: nothing. Both this game, and Minecraft are only referred to by their developers (Studio MDHR and Mojang respectively).

    I’m…not sure what this could mean. I still meant what I said before though.

    By the way, did you know that none other than King Features Syndicate (Popeye) has the merchandising rights to this game? I wonder if it’s because one of the bosses looks like Bluto when he played Sindbad the Sailor in that one Popeye color special?…