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Crystal Dynamics Apologizes For Current State Of Avengers Title

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The story of Marvel’s Avengers video game is honestly a bit complicated. Because when it was announced a few years back, everyone was excited. Especially since it would be a true Avengers title in the style of what the Batman Arkham and Spider-Man titles were before them. What’s more, Crystal Dynamics would be working on it, and they proved their worth via the recent Tomb Raider reboots. Plus, as the NPD has now noted, it was indeed the No.1 game in September in terms of sales.

However, for those who actually played the game, the experience was…lackluster to say the least. The game was hyped up to oblivion and the result was not worth that hype. The gameplay was buggy, the playing as the actual Avengers was hit or miss, the storyline went from really good, to really tedious and the mission structure left something to be desired.

As such, Crystal Dynamics has decided to delay the upcoming Kate Bishop DLC that was intended to arrive this month, that way they can focus on making sure that the game is absolutely perfect before bringing it in, as well as making sure the DLC is perfect.

The team also apologized for the state of the game as it stands. They know that it’s been a “turbulent” experience, but as they have showed, they are listening to fan feedback and trying to make sure that it at least ends up where it needs to be in order to be playable and fun for everyone. They note that the state in which it was released was not “up to their standards” and they apologize for that as well.

They hope to keep improving the game so that people can continue to enjoy it for all the reasons that matter, for as the team states, “superhero stories are more important than ever”.