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Crisis On Infinite Earths Unveils Poster For Final Episodes

Crisis On Infinite Earths

In December of 2019, a Crisis came, after years of building up and teasing it, Crisis On Infinite Earths arrived on the CW for everyone to see and witness. And needless to say it blew fans minds as they watched their favorite heroes go up against the forces of the Anti-Monitor, and not everyone survived.

In fact, in the cliffhanger for the first “section” of Crisis On Infinite Earths, EVERYONE but the seven paragons (including Lex Luthor after rewriting his destiny with Kingdom Come Superman) in the multiverse was killed by the anti-matter wave. All is lost…or so the Anti-Monitor believes.

The final two episodes of the colossal CW event will return next week, going back-to-back to bring everything to an explosive close. To help tease the final two episodes, the CW has released the official poster for “part 2” of Crisis On Infinite Earths. And those who pay attention to it will notice many parallels and differences to the previous one.

First and foremost, the Anti-Monitor takes center stage on this poster, whereas his brother, The Monitor took center stage on the last poster. Furthermore, the main heroes of the Arrowverse are in slightly different positions from before. Including Supergirl and Batwoman now being back-to-back after their growth in the first three episodes. Also, Oliver Queen is “back” after being “killed” in episode one of Crisis, but now sports the look of The Spectre. Albeit the “toned down” form, though many expect him to go full Spectre colossus form by the end of this.

Another thing that many have noticed is that while many supporting characters are shown in the poster, including new addition Ryan Choi (who is the Paragon of Humanity), there isn’t a single Superman in the post, unlike the previous one which had two.

It’ll be very interesting to see how Crisis wraps up, and how close to the original comic series it’ll be in its ending.