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Craig McCracken Developing New Series For Netflix

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When you need an all-powerful animation god whose face looks like a raccoon, you call upon Raccoonor The Magnificent, otherwise known as Craig McCracken. What network is he gracing with his goodness this time, and what’s he cooking up now?

Variety reports that McCracken is currently developing a new animated series for Netflix. Titled “Kid Cosmic,” the show is about a young boy who dreams of becoming a superhero, and finds his wish granted. But he’ll soon wish he made a different wish.

“It’s the story of how the reality of having these powers doesn’t live up to his fantasy,” McCracken told Variety. “I always felt that the best part of superhero stories is when you watch them when they’re trying to figure out their powers, not after they become awesome at it. That’s when they’re at their funniest and most relatable.”

Animated series in production from Craig McCracken (“T​he Powerpuff Girls,”​ “Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends”)​. The show centers on a young boy who dreams of becoming a hero, and when he stumbles across some cosmic stones of power his dreams appear to have come true! Unfortunately the reality of being a hero vs. the fantasy of being a hero are completely different and this challenge becomes the biggest battle he has to face. The kid may be the good guy, but he’s really bad at it!

Few can match Craig’s record in the industry: he’s developed The Powerpuff Girls, Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends, and Wander Over Yonder, and now the mighty Raccoonor is going for a record fourth animated show branded with his “Created By” credit. “Kid Cosmic” is slated to appear in 2020.