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Cowboy Bebop Live-Action Cast Hype Up Netflix Adaptation

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There are certain shows in all genres that many herald as the “best around” for one reason or another. Whether it’s because they helped prove “what the genre can do”, or did something ground-breaking and other things of that like, it resonates with them forever. In the realm of anime, a few anime do have that distinction, such as Dragon Ball Z, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, potentially My Hero Academia once its run ends, and of course, Cowboy Bebop.

The all-time classic has a diehard set of fans that can’t help but praise the anime whenever it gets mentioned. And now, those fans are just a little bit away from the live-action adaptation of the show on Netflix. Netflix held a special event called TUDUM recently and two of the cast spoke out about the live-action series:

Daniella Pineda, the actress that will be playing Faye Valentine, got things started by stating that “From what we’ve seen thus far, there is nothing we can compare our show to. Maybe Kill Bill and Star Wars and that is really exciting. There’s so many easter eggs in this show. So pay very close attention because every little thing matters.”

Extrapolating on this fact, John Cho, the actor that will be bringing Spike Spiegel to life, noted that he’s excited for fans to “see how we excavate the past of our characters. I think that’s gonna be a real fun journey for the fans.”

Fairly enough, many are nervous about how the show is not just going to look, but adapt the story. The opening credits has been shown and confirmed that certain key moments from the anime will be adapted, but whether it’s a 100% faithful adaptation or another Netflix series that “veers from the story” remains to be seen.

We’ll find out this November when the 10-episode first season of Cowboy Bebop airs.