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Cowboy Bebop Live-Action Actress Blasts Critics Of Her Look

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The word “adaptation” in regards to media is something that can get fans in an uproar. Mainly because it means that someone is trying to take something beloved from one medium and put it into another. The best example being comic book movies that take the characters and lore from comics and turn them into feature films. But, another “popular” trend is taking anime and turning them into live-action shows or movies. And by “popular” we mean they exist…and fans don’t know why because they’re often terrible. Which brings us to Cowboy Bebop.

Without a doubt one of the most popular anime ever made, Cowboy Bebop is coming to live-action via Netflix, and the “first looks” of the characters got a lot of people’s attention…and not all for the right reasons. Because when it came to the fan-favorite character of Faye Valentine, many people felt she “didn’t look like her anime counterpart”. And to be fair, she doesn’t in certain ways, but the “ways” can very much be defined as the difference between “anime and reality”.

Which brings us to the actress Daniella Pineda, who plays Faye in the live-action adaptation. After hearing critics she went onto Youtube and put those people on blast for judging her looks compared to what Faye looked like in the show.

“First, I wanted to apologize to the fans that I did not anatomically match the Faye Valentine character,” she said. “Six foot, double-D sized breasts, two-inch waist. You know, they looked everywhere for that woman and they couldn’t find her, it was kinda weird. So they just went with my short ass, I know, am I right?”

She went on to talk about her “various attempts at the costume” but the joke could be felt loud and clear. This is very much a case of fans of the anime overreacting because not everything is “perfect’ (or in this case, their former “eye candy” isn’t as they remember her to be) and they want it that way.

Watch the live-action take and THEN judge when Cowboy Bebop arrives on Netflix November 19th.