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Could What If…? Star Play The Watcher In Live-Action?

What If...? The watcher

Marvel’s What If…? cartoon has wrapped its first season over at Disney+, and most agree that it was a pretty strong ending for a show about what would happen in situations beyond or different from the MCU we all know. The crux of the show is that we’re seeing this through the eyes of Uatu, aka The Watcher. A being from a race who have sworn an oath to chronicle history and yet never interfere…until Uatu can’t keep that oath anymore.

Of course, now that Uatu himself has made it into the MCU in one form, many are wondering if he’ll arrive in the MCU proper eventually and still be voiced by star Jeffrey Wright.

What If…? head writer A.C. Bradley and director Bryan Andrews spoke with Variety about this possibility and had some funny answers:

“Jeffrey Wright can play any role he wants, as far as I’m concerned. If he wants to play Sue Storm, sign him up,” Bradley joked. Andrews added, “We love him. It’s up to Kevin [Feige]. At some point, maybe? Who knows what they have in store. There’s some things that we may know, but there’s a lot that even we don’t know, because they keep it buttoned up. But I’m with the audience. I think it would be amazing to see. I would love to see some random shots where there’s Jeffrey Wright, watching from a distance.”

“Not in costume,” Bradley clarified. “In jeans and a sweater, drinking a cup of coffee. He walks in from crafty over to the shot.” Andrews replied with a laugh, “Look at this stuff going on right over here!”

Of course, eagle-eyed fans of the mainline MCU know that Uatu’s race did appear in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, it’s just that none of them were named so we can’t know if it was Uatu or not. But given the impact that What If…? might have going forward…you never know…