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Could Nintendo Directs Be Replaced In The Future?

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In the modern age of the internet, there have been many ways of delivering news of upcoming games to fans. Basic articles on websites, putting trailers and gameplay videos on Youtube, doing exclusive game reveals at shows like The Game Awards and E3 and of course, more personal touches. For Nintendo since 2011, that would be the Nintendo Direct. Which would deliver 10-40 minute news clips and trailers and reveals to gamers.

The Nintendo Directs have not only been great for fans, but for developers looking for special ways to reveal their collaborations with Nintendo. However, since late 2019, Nintendo has been holding back a lot on their Nintendo Direct presentations. The last “full” one was in September 2019, and a 30-minute “Nintendo Direct Mini” was done in March 2020 but barely had any new information. Making many wonder what is going on.

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa talked during a shareholders meeting about the future of the Directs among other things about Nintendo and had some interesting things to say.

Chief among them is that while he admits that the Directs are good for displaying news and trailers, he also acknowledges that if in the future they find an even more efficient way of doing things, they’ll phase the Directs out for the new method.

This shouldn’t be too surprising since as we mentioned early, the Directs didn’t start until 2011. Before then, Nintendo relied on places like E3 and others venues to showcase the news.

However, fans are getting quite starved for a true new Nintendo Direct, especially since global lockdown shut down E3 2020, other gaming events aren’t likely to happen, and outside of a few small titles and a Paper Mario game, Nintendo Switch owners don’t know what’s coming for the system in 2020.

So what happens next will likely be a big thing for Nintendo one way or another.