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Could Dragon Ball Super Be Coming Back?

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Dragon Ball Super in many ways was the continuation of Dragon Ball that fans had been waiting for since…well, since Dragon Ball GT went down in flames and was ripped by fans. The two movies that helped set it up, Battle of the Gods and Resurrection F, were beloved and showed exactly what Dragon Ball could be again, and then Super came along and did well to return the franchise to glory as well as added new elements. Including the in-canon arrival of Broly, and the Universal Tournament arc.

But…it’s been years since that now, and fans are desperate for more. The good news is that Dragon Ball Super is getting a new movie via Super Hero later this year. But the BETTER news is that it might not be the only thing coming around.

On Reddit, a post citing a Dragon Ball staffer has claimed something that is getting fans excited:

“There’s also a chance that something other than the [Dragon Ball Super] movie will be coming this year too,” the producer shared.

To be fair, that’s not much, however, it’s more than enough to get fans eager to think that a TV return is coming. Not the least of which is that the anime has been “off” for years now and thus they could’ve been working on this the whole time. Plus, the manga version of Super has been going on and has multiple arcs that could be translated into an anime format now, with more on the way. Plus, we know how Dragon Ball loves filler episodes.

Add to that, the DB team revealed a lot about their franchise, and one thing they discussed was the ongoing manga arc:

So when you add this all together, perhaps the Super anime will indeed be making a return. You never know…