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Could Death Stranding 2 Be Happening?


Hideo Kojima is widely considered to be one of the greatest minds in the video game world. It was he who took Metal Gear to the next level via the PlayStation saga, and many have agreed with that without him the franchise shouldn’t go on (proven via Metal Gear Survive). Kojima left Konami and made his way to his own studio where his first game released last year via Death Stranding. Now many are wondering whether Death Stranding 2 might be next in line.

This notion was brought up not because of trademarks or some such but because of Kojima himself posting on Twitter and saying he was thinking about his next game and that he was talking with Death Stranding collaborators to suss out certain details. Here are the tweets:

As you can see, there are references to Death Stranding on the desk, both in physical and concept art form. And again, the people he references in the first tweet worked with him in the original game. Death Stranding 2 isn’t out of the realm of possibility because the game was a financial success and one that got a lot of critical praise. Including being nominated for Game of the Year by many, including at The Game Awards.

Plus, as we know via the Metal Gear Saga, Hideo Kojima doesn’t just do singular one-off games. He prefers to make things last for some time.

Of course, this could all be a feint and Kojima could be working on something else entirely, it’s hard to say. While Kojima is praised for his world-building and game design elements, he’s also known for taking things to…unique places in regards to the storylines of his titles.

But whatever he does, you can bet that fans are going to be paying attention to it and they’ll want to know more soon.