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Contest For Just Cause 4 Is Still Live!

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Is Square Enix holding any contests for Just Cause 4? What kind of rewards can I get?

Following the exciting announcement of GameStop’s JUST CAUSE 4™ Rico Weapon Challenge, the clock is ticking down to when players can enter for the chance to have their weapon put into JUST CAUSE 4 post-launch.

From now until October 31, fans have the chance to enter their weapon designs at www.GameStop.com/JC4 where all entries will be gathered. After that date, Square Enix® and Avalanche Studios will review all submissions, and a total of five designs will be chosen as finalists for the contest.

The final five will then be put on display for all fans to see on November 26, where they can then vote for their favorite. Once a winner is chosen, the winning design will be sent to the Avalanche Studios development team for inclusion in JUST CAUSE 4. The lucky winner will receive a custom skinned JUST CAUSE 4 Xbox One X console as well as a Gold Edition copy of the game.

The winning design will be released as a form of free DLC post-launch for anyone who pre-orders the game at GameStop or EB Games (Canada). All other players will be able to purchase the fan-made DLC once it becomes available.