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Constantine To Be Revived As A Cartoon


DC’s magical antihero John Constantine received his own series on NBC around two years ago. The series got the typical NBC treatment of being shuffled around, underpromoted, and ultimately left to die in the “death slot” of Friday evening. It had a following, but it wasn’t enough to rescue it from its solitary season.

Or was it? The “Constantine” show may be cancelled but its star refuses to die. John reappeared one season later in an episode of Arrow, played by the same guy who portrayed him on NBC: Matt Ryan. Ryan also recorded the voice of Constantine for DC’s upcoming Justice League Dark movie, and now we’re getting word that the “Constantine” show itself is coming back…though not in the same form.

The CW has announced it’s reviving “Constantine” in the form of animated episodes that will appear on their digital platform CW Seed. DC has a similar deal going with its cartoon Vixen, now in its second season.

Unlike Vixen, however, this will not be a solitary episode stretched out over 3-minute increments. The animated “Constantine” episodes will each be ten to eleven episodes long, similar to the length of something you might see on Cartoon Network or Adult Swim. Five have been ordered so far, so we’re getting at least fifty new minutes of “Constantine,” and this time the supernatural stories won’t be hindered by the limitations of live-action.

Who’s hyped? No word on precisely when we could see John’s return, but we’ll pass the word on when we get it.