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Conan Sits Down With The Punisher


Last night Jon Bernthal was the special guest on Conan. Bernthal, as you might know, most recently played The Punisher on Season 2 of Netflix’s Daredevil series. In order to get the part down, Jon had to stock up on Frank Castle literature, which meant visiting comic shops across the country. Here he describes the typical comic-store experience in both California and New York City…it shouldn’t surprise you.

CONAN: Punisher Fans To Jon Bernthal: “Don’t Mess This Up!”


When Jon Bernthal was just a struggling Z-list actor, he ran into Seth Green by chance, in front of an open-air stadium where the White Stripes were performing a concert. Thinking he would just prop a chair by the stadium and get a free listen, he got much more than he expected. Green, however, may have assumed a little too much.

CONAN: Seth Green Gave “Homeless” Jon Bernthal White Stripes Tickets


In this final video, Bernthal shares a little more about his past than he possibly should have. No title; find out yourself.


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