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Conan Plays Dragon Ball Legends With Ron Funches

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How can Earth’s Puniest Hero possibly measure up to the massive might of Super Saiyan Funches? If Conan trains hard, can he overcome his shortcomings in classic shonen fashion, defeat his nemesis in a televised match, and become the next anime hero? He’s got the weird hair for it.

Last night’s Clueless Gamer, revolving around the new mobile game Dragon Ball Legends, was one of the better ones we’ve seen. Conan O’Brien is just as clueless regarding all things anime as he is about games, but even if he can’t manage sayin’ “saiyan” correctly, he still manages to crack us up. Ron Funches, on the other hand, knows his stuff inside and out. “You can’t be a character in a Japanese video game if you don’t have amnesia,” he points out while playing. He’s very right.

Ron not only teaches Conan how to play, he teaches Conan how to raise his power level. This video marks the first time Super Saiyan Conan has been unleashed upon the world.

Conan airs a few nights a week on TBS. Dragon Ball Legends is available on the App Store and Google Play.