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Coming To Crunchyroll…It’s The Crunchylist!


As you might be aware, Crunchyroll used to have a customizable queue, and now it doesn’t. But its demise was only temporary, for the queue will be returning soon in the form of…the Crunchylist! Users of Crunchyroll Beta are currently testing out the feature. CBR has access and reported their findings, which are summarized here.

Up to this point, the Beta has used something called the Watchlist that is sort of a queue but without any real customization. The Crunchylist does not replace the Watchlist, but rather works in tandem with it.

As it stands, the Watchlist is like any typical streaming queue, displaying what you’ve watched recently, recommending shows based on your past history, and allowing you to search shows or sort them in alphabetical order to find something. The difference between that and the Crunchylist is the latter is entirely user-created. You won’t see anything on the Crunchylist that you didn’t put there.

The Crunchylist can store up to 100 different series, and you can display them in any order you like. You can even have multiple Crunchylists — up to ten, and you can give them user-made titles like “Curious About” or “My Favorite Shonen With Robots.” CBR mentions one inconvenience in the lack of a “Move To Top” option, so if you’ve got a series you’d like to keep tabs on but it’s deep in the cellar of your list, you’ve got to physically drag it all the way up.

The weirdest thing about the Crunchylist is that you can’t swap shows between it and the Watchlist. If something’s favorited on one and you want it to be on the other, you’ve got to move over to the Crunchylist and re-add it there. Perhaps some fixes for these issues is on the way…we are talking about a beta, after all.

It has not been announced at this time if and when the Crunchylist will become a feature of regular Crunchyroll.