METAL MEN #2 Cover Art On Sale Nov 2019 - DC Comics Solicitations - Toonzone Comics


written by DAN DiDIO art by SHANE DAVIS and MICHELLE DELECKI cover by SHANE DAVIS variant cover by KENNETH ROCAFORT The Nth Metal Man has arrived from the Dark Multiverse right into Dr. Klyburn’s research site—and it will destroy anything that stands in the way of it trying to stay in our world. As Magnus, Gold, Platinum, Iron, Lead, and Mercury rush to Dr. Klyburn’s aid, one of them will meet their fate at the hands of Nth Metal Man! But who? And how? How is even crazier! Read this issue to find out! ON SALE 11.13.19 $3.99 US |2 OF 12 |32 PAGES FC|DC

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