AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #11 Cover Art On Sale Dec 2018 - Marvel Comics Solicitations - Toonzone Comics


NICK SPENCER (W) • RYAN OTTLEY (A/C) FANTASTIC FOUR VILLAINS VARIANT COVER BY GABRIELE DELL’OTTO CONAN VS MARVEL HEROES VARIANT COVER BY GIUSEPPE CAMUNCOLI ANIMATION VARIANT ALSO AVAILABLE • J. JONAH JAMESON has a new job as a shock jock, but is the world ready for a pro-Spider-Man JJJ? • More importantly, is Spider-Man ready? His post-secret-identity relationship with Jonah was already complicated, but this very public embrace may put him over the edge! • Spidey’s definitely not ready for the Enforcers to come at him harder than ever! 32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99

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