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Story by JIMMY PALMIOTTI Art by JUAN SANTACRUZ & SAM LOFTI Cover by AMANDA CONNER & DAVE JOHNSON Painkiller Jane is back in action on an adrenaline-filled adventure! Jane is protecting a Saudi Arabian princess visiting New York City, but it seems a number of people want her dead — and the only thing between this bizarre group of would-be killers and her royal highness is our gun-toting, out of control Painkiller Jane! Why has the princess been targeted for death? As a father and son make a shady deal with the mysterious government bounty hunter Churchill, the killers attack — but Jane strikes back with a vengeance. And even as the princess and her protector go on the run, losing themselves in America, a bloody showdown looms on the horizon — and even Painkiller Jane’s skills may not be enough to guarantee victory! Collecting PAINKILLER JANE: THE PRICE OF FREEDOM #1-4. 120 PGS./Mature …$19.99 ISBN: 978-0-7851-5398-6

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