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Written by GERRY CONWAY with LEN WEIN Penciled by JOHN BUSCEMA with DON PERLIN, SAL BUSCEMA, JIM MOONEY & MARIE SEVERIN Cover by GIL KANE Hail Asgard! Hail Thor! Hail a great big battle with the Absorbing Man and Loki that takes the Thunder God to Rutland, Vermont! Next comes Mercurio the Four-Dimensional Man, a mystery at the mystic ring of Stonehenge, and Ulik the King of the Trolls’ attempt to wrest Mjlonir from Thor’s hand and conqueror Earth. That’s just the warm up, though! Thor, the Warriors Three and Hildegard return to Asgard to free Odin from alien slavers. With the All-Father at their side, an adventure across the stars worthy of the gods begins. But waiting in the Dark Nebula, the 4-D Man and Xorr the Spawner of Worlds stand in the way of Thor and his rescue of the Lady Sif! Collecting THE MIGHTY THOR (1966) #206-216. 240 PGS./All Ages …$69.99 ISBN: 978-0-7851-6621-4

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