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story TODD McFARLANE & BRIAN HOLGUIN art GREG CAPULLO, DWAYNE TURNER & DANNY MIKI cover CLAYTON CRAIN   DECEMBER 14 152 PAGES / FC / T+ $14.99 SPAWN: ORIGINS, VOL. 13 is the latest addition to the ever-expanding classic SPAWN trade paperback program. Collecting classic issues written by Spawn creator TODD McFARLANE with legendary artist GREG CAPULLO providing stellar pencil work. Spawn visits Greenworld to help restore the earth's splendo. When he returns, he helps Sam and Twitch solve a series of senseless murders.   Relive the excitement of one of the best-selling independent comics of all time and grow your SPAWN: ORIGINS TP collection!   Collects SPAWN #75-80

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