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Written by J.T. KRUL Issue #97 art by NICOLA SCOTT and DOUG HAZLEWOD Issue #98 art by EDUARDO PANSICA and EBER FERREIRA Covers by NICOLA SCOTT and DOUG HAZLEWOD TEEN TITANS ships twice in July for extra thrills! First, in issue #97, the evil god Rankor and his demon horde are ready to invade and conquer our world – and only the Teen Titans stand in their way. And don’t miss the exciting conclusion to Solstice’s first adventure with the team. Does she have what it takes to be a hero? Then, in issue #98 – He’s back! Don’t miss the issue where one of the deadliest and most psychotic threats in the DC Universe returns. It’s Superboy Prime! Of all things to hate, he hates The Teen Titans most of all. Now he’s coming for them, and he’s not coming alone. #97 on sale JULY 13 #98 on sale JULY 27 32 pg, FC, $2.99 US - RATED T

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