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story JOSHUA HALE FIALKOV art & cover RAHSAN EKEDAL JUNE 22 144 PAGES / PC DIGEST SIZE $19.99 From acclaimed author JOSHUA HALE FIAKOV (Tumor, PILOT SEASON: ALIBI) and rising artist RAHSAN EKEDAL (Creepy) a disturbing story of murder and mystery wrapped in questions of sanity.
Minotaur Press premieres with a story of madness, family and death. Brian Cohn was learning to deal with the schizophrenia inherited from his father. Supportive wife, new baby on the way, drugs to control the voices. But, when at his father's deathbed, he learns that he also inherited the trophies of his father's career as a serial killer, his illness threatens to send him further down the path to madness and? Collects ECHOES #1-5 RETAILER WARNING: MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES

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