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Comic-Conan Day 2: Bruce Campbell Vs. Sandwich


Conan O’Brien continued his descent into Comic-Con madness last night and emerged in his very own super-suit, created by a real Hollywood costume department. The superheroes of the CW stopped by and gave Conan lessons on how to pull off the “promo ad smolder face,” and Nick Kroll visited the stage while being carried by four living sausages (it was a “Sausage Party” plug, you see). There was also something involving Bruce Campbell and a sandwich that is best left undescribed.

Conan’s Custom Superhero Costume From Ironhead Studios

CONAN Highlight: They’ve suited up Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, and now, the movie magicians have created Conan’s crotch-enhanced supersuit.


CONAN Monologue 07/21/16


In a special Comic-Con®, Conan jokes about Pokémon Go, Wonder Woman, Superman, and more…


Bruce Campbell Cuts Conan’s Sandwich, “Evil Dead” Style

Bruce’s chainsaw hand comes in handy when Conan needs his lunch sliced. Though it might get a little messy.


Introducing Captain Make America Great Again

In honor of Comic-Con® & the RNC, Conan introduces the crossover character that is finally doing something about illegal Klingon aliens.


Nick Kroll’s “Sausage Party” Entrance

It’s only fitting that the star of “Sausage Party” comes in on a litter carried by a bunch of wieners.


Nick Kroll Wasn’t That Impressed With The White House


When John Mulaney and Nick hit 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Nick felt like he was in a semi-nice Cincinnati hotel.


Nick Kroll Is A Douche

Easy now, he’s just PLAYING an actual feminine hygiene product in “Sausage Party.”


Stephen Amell Is So Buff, He Intimidated Grant Gustin

Plus, Stephen, Grant & Melissa Benoist commiserate with Conan on uncomfortable superhero costumes.


The Secret Powers Of The CW Heroes


Everyone knows that Supergirl kicks ass and the Flash runs fast, but did you know that the Green Arrow’s superpower is stubbornness?


Melissa Benoist & Grant Gustin On A Possible Musical Episode


Both Melissa & Grant are “Glee” alums, so maybe one day you’ll hear Supergirl & the Flash warble something from “Oklahoma!”


The CW Heroes Give Their Best “CW Smolder” Look


Because they’re on the CW, Melissa Benoist, Grant Gustin, & Stephen Amell have to be both superheroic AND super-sexy.


“Weird Al” Yankovic “Foil” 07/21/16


“Weird Al” performs a track from his album Mandatory Fun.


“Weird Al” Yankovic Has More Costume Changes Than Lady Gaga

Plus, even though he doesn’t partake, Al loves stoners. Mostly because it’s so easy to make them laugh.

Conan’s next show is tomorrow, with the cast of Suicide Squad!