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Comic-Con Revelations Day 3: Burgers And Homers

But Louise becomes greedy when she learns the value of ambergris.

Over the weekend two panels for Fox’s Animation Domination shows were held. The first one focused on The Simpsons and was attended by Matt Selman, Al Jean, David Silverman, Carolyn Omine, Mike B. Anderson, and Debbie Mahan.

They teased that the first episode of the upcoming season will be a musical, and though the show has done music-themed episodes before, this will be the first that’s all singing and all dancing (even more so than Season 9’s “All Singing, All Dancing”). Even Marge will sing, but since Julie Kavner’s voice isn’t up to it, Kristen Bell will be tagged in (just roll with it).

Treehouse of Horror 32 will consist of five segments, the most ever packed into a ToH, and will kick off with a short mimicking the macabre stylings of Edward Gorey and narrated by Maurice LaMarche doing a Vincent Price impression. In November, a two-part episode will air inspired by FX’s Fargo series.

At the Bob’s Burgers panel, the big question was where the movie had disappeared to. A feature film based on the show was due to come out in July of 2020, but that proved impossible and the producers did not want to shift it to television. The movie should be done by now, so where is it? Bouchard still remained tight-lipped, but he hinted at its theme: it’s a “musical, comedy, mystery, adventure, and kind of coming-of-age-story.” In addition, the team is currently working on a Bob’s Burgers theatrical short called “My Butt Has A Fever,” but it hasn’t been determined which film it will play before.

The upcoming season of the show will be its twelfth, and the team revealed these titles of future episodes:

  • Crystal Mess
  • The Pumpkining
  • Driving Big Dummy
  • Seventween Again
  • Beach Please
  • Stuck In the Kitchen With You
  • Gene’s Christmas Break
  • Lost In Bedslation
  • FOMO You Didn’t
  • Touch Of Evaluations
  • Video Killed The Genio Star
  • Frigate Me Not
  • Ferry On My Wayward Bob And Linda

The next season is planned to end with a two-parter episode that will “break some rules” via taking place in Tina’s mind. It will be set in a Blade Runner-type noir cityscape, meaning two separate cartoons this season will take place there (one of them official). Finally, Bouchard said the odds of Bob’s Burgers and his new series The Great North crossing over were “unlikely.”

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