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Comic-Con Revelations Day 2: Blade Runner, Usagi And Bone


Comic-Con@Home continues this weekend with panels upon panels. The best news we received today was…a trailer for Blade Runner: Black Lotus! It took long enough. According to the plot synopsis the miniseries is about a replicant named Elle on the run while trying to uncover secrets about her past. Also, SHE’S the “Black Lotus” referred to in the title. The show premieres on Adult Swim this fall.

Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo is getting a CG animated series on Netflix. The samurai rabbit is no stranger to animation, thanks to his numerous crossovers with the Ninja Turtles (in THREE different incarnations, count ’em). There have been attempts over the years to spin off Miyamoto Usagi into his own series, but they’ve all stalled. Fortunately that just means he gets a classy debut on a streaming service instead of a butchered introduction in 90s TV syndication.

The most surprising thing we learned about the show is that it takes place entirely in the future, with Miyamoto not really in it….instead his descendant Yuichi Usagi takes up the sword, clashing with characters like a rhino bounty hunter and a cat ninja. There’s no premiere date yet for the series.

We got some new details on the final Adventure Time: Distant Lands special. No release date yet, but as revealed earlier, it focuses on Peppermint Butler. Executive producer Adam Muto revealed that, unlike the previous three specials, this one is a prequel, showing PB’s days as a youngster attending Wizard School. Animation is still in progress and there were no clips or even screenshots, but there was a nice promo painting.


Finally, we were surprised to hear from…Jeff Smith? We’re in a snail race to see what happens first: GRRM finishing the Game of Thrones books or any Hollywood studio actually following through on adapting Bone in something. The rights to that comic have bounced all over the place over the last 25 years, but Smith swears the latest attempt — a TV series from Netflix — is still a go. This is despite the fact that not a single pen has been lifted to draw an animation frame yet. Smith says COVID-19 disrupted plans to move out of pre-production, but in the interim he’s managed to assemble a killer list of writers, directors and producers — which he’s unwilling to share at this time.

“Thanks to the pandemic, I was able to get everybody I wanted,” Smith admits. “I say thanks because there were people that were in contract, but we were delayed by like, eight or nine months because of the pandemic; [by that time] the contracts were up, and I got everybody I wanted. I don’t want to really say who they are, because I don’t want to steal Netflix’s thunder but, yes. I got my dream team of animation people, and I’m pretty excited about it so far.”