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Comic-Con 2013: Day Four Schedule Highlights

Star Trek's Starship Enterprise - The Most Badass Starship of All-Time - due to win again in the Starship Smackdown on the final day of Comic-Con 2013 in San Diego.
Star Trek’s Starship Enterprise – The Most Badass Starship of All-Time – due to win again in the Starship Smackdown on the final day of Comic-Con 2013 in San Diego.

The final day of Comic-Con always brings sadness along as the realization that it will be another 365 days until the next shindig in San Diego but there are still good things abounding in Day Four of the Comic-Con 2013 schedule, here are the Day Four highlights from which you will have your pick…

Day Four morning highlights – normally Day Four morning highlights are sparse when it comes to celebrity bling or bling of any kind, really – but 2013 is different as the 10am opening hour brings not one, not two, but three good choices from which to direct your body toward [assuming you haven’t split it into three parts like we suggested earlier]. The first direction would be Room 24ABC where the creators of the new television series “LEGO: The Legends of Chima” will go into detail – as you know only LEGO enthusiasts can – about how the series and characters are developed. If that proves to be too much for your brain to handle at such an early hour on a Sunday morning, the second option would be to coerce your motor skills into traveling over to Hall H where you can catch a special video presentation and Q&A with cast members of the hit television series “Supernatural”, which will be entering its ninth season on the CW network. If that fails to float your boat, then there’s always Room 6A, where you can find the world premiere of “Scooby-Doo Adventures: The Mystery Map” – which will be available as a digital download or on DVD on July 23, 2013. Then it’s all about the comics – it is called Comic-Con, after all – as, at 10:30am in Room 8, there will be a celebration of Funky Winkerbean’s 40th anniversary as a comic strip with strip creator Tom Batiuk, followed at 11am in Room 32AB by the 60th anniversary of the Bazooka Joe comics which are still being used to encase delicious bubble gum. It’s back to the bling at 11:15am in Hall H with a panel for the drama series “Breaking Bad” where series stars Bryan Cranston, Bob Odenkirk and others will discuss the first half of the fifth season and the upcoming second half [which starts up again on August 11, 2013]. A screening and Q&A with “Teen Titans Go!” producer Aaron Horvath ends the morning session with pizzazz it.

Day Four afternoon highlights begin at noon in Room 7AB with the world premiere screening of “Max Steel: Rise of Elementor” [which airs on Disney XD in Autumn 2013]. Back in Hall H at 12:30pm, there will be a confab for the 50th anniversary of “Doctor Who” with current-yet-departing Doctor Matt Smith and the first-ever Doctor, David Bradley. After a brief lunch, there are video games on tap at 2pm in Room 28DE as the creators of free-to-play mech shooter “Hawken” discuss their popular video game’s mechanics [so to speak]. Fifteen minutes later in Room 6BCF, some cast members of “Under The Dome” discuss the newest Stephen King novel-based television series. Then, make room for mice at 3pm in Room 28DE as the “Mouse Guard” from Archaia Entertainment invades with series creator David Petersen discussing upcoming releases [including “Black Axe”]. Over in Hall H, also at 3pm, is a screening and Q&A for the FX network television series “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” with, of course, Danny DeVito, followed by a “Sons of Anarchy” panel at 3:50pm featuring the full cast [yes, that means Katey Sagal too]. As always, the final day wrapup must end with the traditional Starship Smackdown at 3:30pm in Room 6A where seven panel experts will intellectually – perhaps – discuss which television or film-based starship is The Most Badass Starship of All-Time! The current champ is, naturally, Star Trek’s Starship Enterprise.

Comic-Con 2013 will be held at the San Diego Convention Center from July 18-21, 2013.

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