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Comedy Central Preps New Toons; "Futurama" Returns


Comedy Central’s development slate for 2010-2011 includes three new animated comedies and the return of Futurama, the network announced yesterday.

The half-hour animated comedy JC has Jesus Christ trying to escape from the shadow of his “all-powerful yet apathetic” father by returning to Earth and living in New York City. Brian Boyle of American Dad is attached as executive producer, along with Henrik Basin, Honathan Sjoberg and Andreas Ohman.

Joe Squad parodies G.I. Joe and like-minded superhero cartoons as a team of elite fighters tries to save the world from the inept Master Snake and his Rattlers while not getting on each others’ nerves. Characters include the sex-obsessed team leader, the clean-cut American, the silent ninja, the “Schwarzeneggerian female” and other nods to the genre. The series comes from Blake McCormick of King of the Hill.

Supermax describes life inside a prison housing such inmates as Sammy “The Bull” Gravano, Ted Kaczinski, Richard Reid, and John Walker-Lindh. The series comes from Lew Morton of NewsRadio and Futurama.

The network also says that Futurama‘s new 12-episode season will debut on Thursday, June 24.

[Source: Viacom]