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Clone High Revival Confirmed — But For HBO Max


As the biggest Clone High fan in the world — before it was cool, Zoomers — I was over the moon to hear about a potential revival in the works last summer. Today we got confirmation from Variety, and not only that, it was revealed to be a two-season deal. That guarantees this version will last longer than the original did!

Original reports suggested the new Clone High was headed to MTV, which would make sense given it started there and it’s a channel CBSViacom owns. Now we’re hearing the revival will actually appear on HBO Max instead — owned by Warner Bros/AT&T, not Viacom. Quite a surprise. You rarely see original content being produced by one studio for another THESE days. Guess Paramount+ didn’t want it!

Every other news outlet keeps reporting this as a “reboot” when it is likely not. Those who have actually seen the show know there is absolutely no reason why the original series can’t continue where it left off, especially with the original creators returning. They have the perfect excuse, and I’d elaborate further but if you really don’t know what I’m talking about, you need to watch this amazing show rather than have it be spoiled by this article.

HBO Max also made a couple more animation-related announcements at the same time. One is that JG Quintel’s “Regular Show for young parents,” Close Enough, has been renewed for Season 3 (Season 2 will premiere on the service later this month). The other is the announcement of Velma, a Scooby Doo spinoff starring Mindy Kaling as the bespectacled genius of Mystery Inc. Velma is the first animated Scooby Doo show aimed at grownups and Charlie Grandy, Howard Klein, and Sam Register will serve as executive producers. Ten episodes have been ordered.

But Clone High, woohoo! Time for a party! Get the beards out, Ghandi!