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CLEOPATRA IN SPACE Coming To Television April 15

cleopatra in space

Some concepts, you hear once and your mind explodes with the potential involved. And there are few titles that have grabbed my attention like a steel clamp more than these three words: “CLEOPATRA IN SPACE.”

Cleopatra In SPACE? That has to be the coolest idea ever! …But it’s my understanding this title belongs to a children’s book. What, adults can’t have something as cool as Cleopatra in space?

I vividly recall the day I first saw one of these books. I was at Powells and felt disappointed by the mile-high graphic novels rack. Despite the massive volume of material, none of the titles on the spines jumped out at me. Then I wandered into the kiddie section and the first book I saw said “CLEOPATRA IN SPACE” in giant gold letters. “No fair! They get Cleopatra in space and we don’t?” I thought. It’s still not fair.

I have good news for fans of both Cleopatra and space. Thanks to the expanding television market and the huge hunger for streaming content. Cleopatra In Space will be a TV series before the month is through. Isn’t that great? We can finally experience this cool concept without having to loiter around the children’s section of the bookstore like creepers. The only downside is….we’ll get to that.

It really is that Cleopatra, and she really does go to space. After a mishap with an ancient tablet, Cleo is zapped to the far future, where the galaxy is under attack by the aliens of the Xerx Empire. As a talking cat explains to her, Cleo is destined to be the savior of space and defeat the Xerx, but they will do everything in their power to stop her.

The show is produced by DreamWorks TV. Where would you expect to find it? Netflix? Hulu? Amazon Prime Video? Bad news, everyone….it’s Peacock. An unproven and still unlaunched streaming service…the target audience of kids may never find this show, and that would be sad.

But YOU can watch it! You’re a grown-up who can pay their own streaming fees. We get Cleopatra in Space, and they don’t! Nyah nyah! The show launches with Peacock on April 15.