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Civilization’s World Wonders Getting Movies Once Again


Much like the real world, the Civilization series is known for its Wonders of the World. And in the game, building the wonders often gave you advances in your technology and empire. Thus the desire to build them. In certain Civilization games, there were in-game movies dedicated to the Wonders. Those are coming back.

In an interview with IGN, Brian Busatti noted how Civilization VI will have these videos, which are a harking back to Civ IV, and that the team at Firaxis once again worked hard to make them special:

“We had those pre-rended Wonder movies that show a sort of time-lapse photography sunrise to sunset. Everybody really liked those, and we got a lot of comments that they missed those as a reward for building Wonders,” he recalls. “So now we’re doing those in-game. Wonders actually have very intricate build sequences, so as you’re building Wonders over time you can see a certain percentage that’s done by looking at them massing. But when you’re done you’re rewarded by this movie – actually, the time of day in the world changes. So it goes from night to sunrise, so you see all the bricks building up in place until you get to sunset. Or some of the wonders end at night because they’re lit. And it’s all in-game in your world, and you can see all your buildings around it. It makes the world seem more alive, and that’s something we’ve put a lot of effort into.”

Civilization VI comes to PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 21st.