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Cities: Skylines – Sunset Harbor Trailer


Stuck inside the house on coronavirus lockdown like most of the country? No problem, just fondly recall what is like to be outside roaming around freely with the “Cities: Skylines – Sunset Harbor” trailer.


Now available, you can get outside and construct the Sunset Harbor of your dreams. First, of course, you want to determine what sort of climate you want your Sunset Harbor to be – naturally, you do not want a frigid Arctic or Antarctic-type climate for a place called Sunset Harbor but if you really must insist on some long Scandinavian-style winters, there is a boreal option to go along with the tropical and temperate climate options.


After you have selected your climate, there are five new maps to decide upon on where your Sunset Harbor should be located and then you can begin concentrating on enhancing the fishing industry which your Sunset Harbor will be dependent on until [at least until overfishing threatens it – so don’t forget to build your agricultural elements] along with new mass transit options – which includes Intercity Bus Services for transit between cities – and other important city services [such as water treatment plants for putting that waste water to good recycling usages].


Finally, there is the entertainment infrastructure to create and enhance along with the Aviation Club where you can encourage small plane owners to take part in recreational flying with their private planes and passenger helicopters.