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Christopher Lloyd Talks Potential “Dream Crossover” For Rick and Morty

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Rick and Morty is a show that honestly shouldn’t have worked as well as it did in terms of both quality and reception. But it has, and it’s become something that people can literally wait years on in order to get more episodes of. It’s the cartoon Sherlock if you will. Anyway, one thing that the show made evident from the start was the titular duo were a ripoff of sorts of Doc Brown and Marty from Back to the Future, just with dimensional travel instead of time travel (technically).

The Adult Swim team went even deeper with this as they did some live-action trailers for Season 5 of Rick and Morty, and had Doc Brown himself, Christopher Lloyd play Rick in hilarious fashion. So in a chat with The Illuminerdi, Lloyd actually talked about what would happen in the animated duo met the live-action one:

“I thought that maybe if Rick and Morty are out there in space somewhere and accidentally Doc and Marty are out there they could somehow meet,” Lloyd began. “…[T]hat could be a good story. Where does it go from there? You know, ’cause I think that those are four characters that would be fun to watch and good writing.”

That is indeed something that would be curious to behold. Because while Doc Brown is nuts in his own way, he’s at least guided by morals and principals, and multiple times trying his hardest to preserve the timeline as a whole (save for his own death of course). And Marty is as down to Earth as you can get, so what would happen when these two meet a duo that are very much…not stable in most ways?

How would Rick react to meeting another genius like himself, who isn’t himself? The possibilities are endless, but whether it actually happens…remains to be seen.