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Chris Pratt Is Now Garfield As Well

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Last September Nintendo dropped the bomb that Chris Pratt of all actors had been cast as the role of Mario in Illumination’s upcoming animated movie. Everyone furrowed their brows and worried where The Pratt could turn up next. Now we know.

He’s now Garfield too! Sony Pictures and Alcon Entertainment announced a brand-new theatrical movie, presumably animated, with Pratt as the voice of the lasagna-eating, Odie-kicking, Binky-despising orange tabby.

The Garfield movie will written by David Reynolds (Finding Nemo) and directed by Mark Dindal (Emperor’s New Groove). John Cohen (Despicable Me) and Steven P. Wegner are the producers and creator Jim Davis will serve as executive producer. Missing from the equation is Nickelodeon/Viacom — apparently the sale of Garfield to that corporation was only for the TV rights.

A Garfield movie already exists, though if you’ve never seen it consider yourself lucky. Garfield’s first trip to the big screen happened in 2004 and he was rendered as a hideous-looking “realistic” version of his comic strip design. Bill Murray voiced Garfield for that one and famously regretted it later. Though the movie was a critical flop, it was profitable enough to spawn a sequel.

As some have pointed out, Pratt has voiced characters before and faced no blowback for it — in fact, in some cases he was praised for his performance, like Emmitt in The Lego Movie. It wasn’t until Mario that the public tide shifted, mainly because the casting was outrageously out of sync with the character. If the Mario thing had never happened, would there be any debate as to whether Pratt could handle Garfield?

Whether we like him or not won’t matter in the end, because clearly he’s going to be voicing all of us eventually. The new Garfield movie is still in pre-production and won’t be released for several years.