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Chomp Chomp…It’s Time For Pixar Popcorn

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Among the many, many projects announced by The Walt Disney Company during Investor Day last December, one got lost in the shuffle and was completely unexplained: something called “Pixar Popcorn.” It was described in only one sentence, and said nothing except its target release date of January 2021.

Now, the week it’s to come out, we’ve finally received an explanation for what Pixar Popcorn is…it’s a series of shorts starring characters from the studio’s long history. The below trailer displays many quick shots from each of them, with only the Coco one being long enough to give a general idea of what it’s about (some skeleton’s jaw keeps falling off to his annoyance).

The titles flash by fast, but here they all are: Dancing with the Cars and Unparalleled Parking (Cars), Soul of the City (Soul…yup, a Soul short already), Cookie Num Num (unknown at this time), Chore Day The Incredibles Way (The Incredibles), Dory Finding (Finding Dory), A Day in the Life of the Dead (Coco), To Fitness and Beyond and Fluffy Stuff with Ducky & Bunny (both Toy Story).

This is one of the first original Pixar series to appear on Disney+ (preceded by Forky Asks A Question), but several more are in production now. The first Disney+ series from Pixar was supposed to be Monsters At Work, a series announced alongside the reveal of the streamer that was originally due out in 2020…but Disney has not mentioned it in a long time and we’re assuming at this point it’s cancelled (unless it pops up out of nowhere).

What they ARE confirmed to be working on at the moment are Dug Days, a spinoff show starring the dog from Up, a yet-to-be-named Cars show starring Lightning and Mater that’s due out in 2022, and an original sports-themed series, Win Or Lose, in 2023.

As for Pixar Popcorn, you’ll be able to munch on it in just three days. It arrives Friday, January 22.