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Childrens Hospital Episode Recap: Season 5, Episode 10 – Blaken

The guard to the highly secretive Russian sex slave auction where Blake is being held.
The guard to the highly secretive Russian sex slave auction where Blake is being held.

Synopsis: Blake is suddenly kidnapped by mysterious thugs for no apparent reason. Could it be to boost the ratings of Owen’s new TV show or is it just a placeholder scenario until Fart Copter shows up?

Details: Things are slow in Osaka at the temporary Childrens Hospital location so Owen has time to star in a new television show – “The Paging Doctor Maestro Show” – with Sy acting as producer. The first show begins innocently enough with audience members asking Owen if he detects various lumps on their bodies and all of Owen’s diagnoses ending with “you should get that looked at”.

Meanwhile, Blake is minding his own business when he is suddenly kidnapped for no apparent reason by nameless thugs. At first, he believes it is a prank set up by one of the staff members and begins using his cell phone [which the kidnappers, conveniently, let him keep] to call all his friends to let them know he is on to their prank but eventually determines that neither he nor is captors are laughing as they cart him off to an undisclosed location [presumably still in Osaka but off the military base].

Back at the actual Childrens Hospital [where it is slow, remember], Chief is feeling lonely when she receives the daily delivery of mail and is saddened to learn that none of it is for her – so, pretending it is for her, she proceeds to open all the mail – one of which is a letter from Blake’s captors.

In the actual operating rooms, Cat has just pronounced a child to be gravely ill when Glenn comes in with his toy RC helicopter – similar to those seen flying around shopping malls – to entertain the dying kid.

Blake finally gets through to Owen while he is doing his show and tells Owen that his captors are wearing pastel shirts and to come and liberate him before they shoot him up with heroin and make him dance for them. Owen and Sy set off on a chase to find Blake’s whereabouts with Sy filming the entire time for the show. The pair finally find Blake at the site of a Russian sex slave auction where Owen beats up the guards and frees Blake.

Glenn has turned his RC helicopter into a Fart Copter with the attachment of a farting noisemaker on the front and flies the Fart Copter around the hospital alternately annoying and pleasing whoever it comes into contact with, finally getting into the studio of Owen’s show and interrupting the show, resulting in Fart Copter getting its own TV show.

The Poop and Skinny: Most of the episode is a parody of the suspense-thriller film “Taken” – so it helps if you have actually seen that flick.

It also helps if you have seen any portion of the “Dr. Oz” television show upon which Owen’s show is based.

“No shit, Sherlock!” – Sy’s first response to Chief when she calls and lets him know about the letter she has read. Then, realizing it is the Chief he is talking to…”You sound like my best friend, Sherlock.”