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Check Out This Smash Bros Switch Pro Controller

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will undoubtedly be the main attraction for the Nintendo Switch this holiday season, but what else can consumers pick up that’s Smash-related? Plenty….in addition to the expected amiibo, there’s a limited-edition Smash controller on the way.

Though the controller will be sold separately, you can also pick it and the game up at once, in one purchase. A special bundle will include the controller and the Super Smash Bros Ultimate game card inside a Steelbook case. At the moment Nintendo has yet to put out official images or a press release for that particular product; the only confirmation of the bundle’s impending existence rests on this page:

smash bros switch

You might be saying right now, “if they REALLY wanted to make it a PRO Controller, they should have shaped it like a Gamecube one.” Nintendo already did that — there is, in fact, a Gamecube Smash controller being offered for preorder right this second on most major retailing websites. So all your bases are covered.

Whichever controller you want to play with, Super Smash Bros Ultimate will be out December 7 on Nintendo Switch.